One stray bullet

G7_MichaelBrownVigil_FilePhotoMichelleXuCan we go to the grocery store or pick up our dry cleaning? How about take your nephew to get a hair cut for a wedding that’s happening the next day? The answer seems to be a resounding NO.

Yesterday my niece’s best friend, who is only 17, was heading home after taking her nephew to get a hair cut for a wedding celebration the next day.  She drove through an intersection and was struck in her head with a stray bullet. She is now on life support. A good girl, never ever been in trouble and was 10 days out from going to Florida State University. Now her life is changed forever if not over, her parents are devastated, her 15 year old nephew who saw the whole thing will always have this horrible memory and her sister may forever associate her wedding with her sister’s tragic accident.

I know this is not a unique story but how did we get here?  Why is it okay to be so frivolous with life? What happened? Did we stop loving ourselves? Did we give less hugs to our children? I know these are retorical questions, sort of, but this just blows my mind. As a child, none of my friends were violently killed. I never went to a candlelight vigil but my youngest child now that’s a different story. By the time he was in high school he had attended no fewer than five. FIVE! That means five people under the age of 18 would never graduate high school, never go to college, never get married, never…well you get the points.

I surely dont have the answer but I do have tremendous sorrow and another funeral to attend. By now I guess you can tell this isn’t a typical blog but more of a venting session full of sorrow, pain and prayer. Love yourself and your family for tomorrow is not promised.

One stray bullet. Multiple lives changed forever.

[Visit NBC news in Washington, DC for updates to this story]

Metropolitan State University to host Summer 2017 Conference for Current and Aspiring Educators of Color and American Indian Educators


Lack of teacher diversity in Minnesota is a crisis that contributes to the achievement gap for our students of color.

Ensuring recruitment and support for more people of color and American Indians into the teaching profession and to support the retention of those who already are in the profession is the ongoing purpose for the annual Conference for Current and Aspiring Educators of Color and American Indian Educators.

This conference is unique in the country and is now in its second year in Minnesota, and is full with over 300 people registered to attend, including nearly 80 percent who identify as persons of color or American Indian. Its theme is “Voices Heard: Transforming Education Equity.” The conference will be Aug. 9-11, 2017 at Metropolitan State University, Saint Paul Campus, (700 E. Seventh Street) and is organized by the Coalition to Increase Teachers of Color and American Indian Teachers…

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Strength in numbers – Me, myself and I 

We’ve all heard the saying “there is strength in numbers” and while that is true, why do we usually think that relates to people. Strength can mean emotions, positivity, affirmations, consistency, etc.  Numbers or people can mean the age old saying “me, myself and I”.

Have you ever called a friend to tell them something you’re going through with your business and by the time they say “what, why would you do that or see I told you not to go into business for yourselves and soon you started to wish Alexander Graham Bell had created something else?

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Social Emotional Learning for Elementary Students

Classmates chatting

Oakland California’s Lincoln Elementary School is using a new teaching technique called Inquiry, which helps students explain their ideas to classmates, respond to questions, and push each other to more fully explore their thoughts before they put them down on paper.  Continue reading

Equality or Justice?

So, Affirmative Action discriminates against whites who have about 80 percent of the college application pool by default just for being White while the remaining percentage is shared between all other races.  Really?

People of Color would love for there to “NOT” be a need for Affirmative Action because

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